Artist Statement

Since joining The Glasgow School of Art in 2017 Megan Queenan has been creating installation-based multimedia work that is reflective of our relationships with technology and data possession. Nostalgia is a prevalent subject throughout her work; “redundant” devices, are featured almost out of place amongst the contemporary setting which it resides in- surrounded constantly by technology which has since surpassed it.


Queenan primarily incorporates casted objects which, through the process of recontextualising materials, have stripped the older devices they are sourced from of any remaining functionality they once had. This process reflects the artist’s interest in death denial through the digital-self, and how immortality is now perceived through this lens of “self”.


Historical enquiry, conceptual investigations, and a degree of satirical wit all combine in Megan Queenan’s work to create a line of enquiry surrounding our dependence upon technology and data as well as its ability to facilitate and mediate otherwise impossible conversations.