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Current Work

As an installation-based artist, our new digital existence has meant a drastic reconsideration of how an audience interacts with and perceives my work amid a deadly pandemic.


Currently, I've been working on this project as part of my final year at The Glasgow School of Art. The work has emerged from my current interest with the paranormal and technology, and the routes of communication it provides between the living and the deceased. I've particularly been fascinated by the topic of death denial and the ways in which we seek out immortality through technology.


The evolution of technology throughout human history as long since coincided with the presence/belief of ghosts as a platform from which spiritual entities can manipulate and use to make contact with the living. Its mediation between the living and the dead can even aid in the process of grief, from the Victorian post-mortem daguerreotypes to the modern phenomenon of hauntings via scheduled emails from the deceased- specifically to be received by their loved ones after their death.






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